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The Werewolf is Lowest Fi’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Lowest Fi’s “The Werewolf” isn’t just a song, it’s a moonlit escape into a realm where 80s shadows dance with modern beats.

The Werewolf is Lowest Fi’s Single Out Now

Forget sun-soaked pop; this is a nocturnal tune, captivating from the first riff of the guitar.

Imagine David Bowie’s mystique meeting Mazzy Star’s dreaminess, then add a splash of dark electronica.

The singer’s voice, a siren call in the night, weaves a hypnotic spell, drawing you deeper into the song’s mysterious embrace. Each note resonates with an otherworldly quality, pulling you towards the pulsating rhythm and ethereal melodies.

Like a spaceship navigating nebulas, the song’s cadence evokes a sense of weightlessness, blurring the lines between reality and a fantastical musical universe.

Echoes of Bowie’s enigmatic persona and Mazzy Star’s haunting beauty add layers of intrigue.

This is an invitation to close your eyes and surrender to the darkness. Let “The Werewolf” be your guide on a journey through moonlit streets and neon dreams.

This is music for the night owls, the dreamers, the seekers of something different. Are you ready to lose yourself in its captivating embrace?

The Werewolf is Lowest Fi’s Single Out Now!


There are only three of them, but they play as if they were possessed by an army of ghosts and demons. Every now and then, a playful faun or a lovely elf makes an appearance. All in all, a monster party that is great fun.“

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