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The Wind is Monsonic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Monsonic’s single “The Wind” is a captivating piece of modern psychedelic rock that truly stands out with its innovative sound.

The Wind is Monsonic’s Single Out Now

Right from the start, it’s apparent that Monsonic has a distinctive and unique vision, making it challenging to draw direct comparisons to other artists. This originality sets “The Wind” apart and makes it an intriguing listen.

Monsonic’s music incorporates elements that harken back to the sounds of the ’70s, blending them with the atmospheric qualities of desert rock.

The combination of these influences results in a sound that’s fresh and captivating, offering listeners a truly unique sonic experience.

This tune creates an ethereal atmosphere, almost as if you’re being swept away by the wind itself. The heavy chorus on the guitar and the reverberated solo contribute to this sensation, making you feel as if you’re soaring along with the music.

The metaphor of “The Wind” blowing and the sense of letting go and following one’s instincts adds depth to the song’s meaning. It conveys a message of taking risks and embracing change, ultimately reaching one’s destination despite any challenges or fears along the way.

This lyrical theme, coupled with the immersive sonic landscape, creates a powerful listening experience.

Monsonic’s artistic vision is a breath of fresh air in the world of music, and “The Wind” is a great example of his talent.

The Wind is Monsonic’s Single Out Now!


The Wind is Monsonic’s Single Out Now

Oklahoma City-based project Monsonic fuses the digital chaos of human experience through lyrics detailing self-discovery and spiritual clarity. With moods ranging from melancholic angst to love, Monsonic sonically blends noisy/industrial/alt rock with cleaner shoegaze and lofi elements. Monsonic’s upcoming album, In Between, is set to release on October 18th.

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