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The World of the Witch is Beebee and The Bluebirds’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Beebee and The Bluebirds are back with “The World of the Witch,” a single that injects pure rock and roll into your veins.

The World of the Witch is Beebee and The Bluebirds’ Single Out Now

The energy is infectious, the vibes are undeniably cool, and the overall effect is charming.

The song grabs you by the throat from the first second. A searing guitar riff sets the tone, a perfect bed for the singer’s powerful vocals.

There’s a definite noir influence at play here, reminiscent of classic Alice Cooper, but Beebee and The Bluebirds manage to twist it into something distinctly their own. It’s vintage rock and roll reborn for the modern age.

The guitar solo is scorching hot, a fiery eruption that takes the song to another level. But it’s not just about shredding – there’s a melodic sense to it, too.

The vocalist deserves a standing ovation. Their range is phenomenal, effortlessly shifting between low notes in the verses and soaring highs in the chorus.

“The World of the Witch” is a full-on rock and roll experience. It’s a potent cocktail of energy, melody, and masterful musicianship, served up with a healthy dose of darkness and swagger.

Buckle up and prepare to be transported – Beebee and The Bluebirds are here to cast their spell.

The World of the Witch is Beebee and The Bluebirds’ Single Out Now!


Beebee and The Bluebirds was founded by singer and guitarist Brynhildur Oddsdóttir in 2010 and they have been very active in the Icelandic music scene since. They have played various festivals, f.ex. Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik Blues festival, Reykjavik Guitarama, where Brynhildur shared the stage with the legend Robben Ford. In 2019 they toured in Sweden with the swedish hammond player Andreas Hellkvist.

They have released two albums, their debut album, “Burning heart”, which is shun from jazz, improvisation and blues, but also reaches for the soul. Aiming for a rougher side and more edge, they released their second album in december 2017 and the album’s title song, “Out of the dark” got great reviews and radioplay. They also have released a few singles, and the latest one is called “The World of the Witch” which is also on the edgy side with riffs and guitarsolos from Brynhildur.

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