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Theosis is Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ Album

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Reverend James Elmore Jenkins and his band in the past but this artist is back with a new album and I want to share my opinion about it.

Theosis is Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ Album

I love the way this artist manages to spread the word of the Lord.

His sound doesn’t follow the parameters of classic Christian rock and that’s his strength in my opinion. Reverend James Elmore Jenkins looks like a pen in God’s hand. His music speaks directly to the heart of the listener and fills your soul with hope.

A journey into the unknown, in the desert of life, this artist tries to bring some water to give hope to our path.

One feels that these songs come from an ancestral instinct that moves Reverend James Elmore Jenkins and carries forward a message of unconditional love.

The sound is direct and sincere and makes you focus even more on the words.

I advise everyone to listen to this album. Let yourself be carried away by this artist and his band, remove your prejudices, and abandon yourself to the beautiful energy that this music manages to transfer.

Theosis is Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ Album Out Now!

Pure and Real!

Theosis is Reverend James Elmore Jenkins’ Album

The project is about a person going through theosis, which is the partaking of the Divine Nature of Jesus Christ (II Peter 1:4). The first song starts off with a person struggling to understand their purpose in this world, the second tune tells of other worlds beyond this one. The third track is a statement of the Gospel. The 4th song directly questions the Gospel message. The fifth tune is the beginning of the rejection of the world. The 6th number is God giving Himself to the person. The 7th tune is the promise to see God face to face. The 8th song is a praise to God for salvation. The final track is the beatific vision of fire where all the world is swept away.

Minister, musician, and folk artist who currently resides in the Carolinas. The Reverend wants to educate and entertain through songs, sermons, and sayings. Folk, roots, and experimental songs are performed along with poetry readings.

These things along with sermons and other educational exhibitions can be found on the other various platforms. Also, you can check out his YouTube channel called Reverend Jenkins.

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