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These Old Jeans is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
La Need Machine’s new single, “These Old Jeans,” is a blast from the past, but with a fresh twist.

These Old Jeans is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now

 The band’s sound is undeniably intriguing, with a focus on vocal harmonies that will have you hitting repeat just to savor the blend.

There’s a distinct 90s vibe coursing through the song, bringing to mind the raw energy of bands like Soul Asylum.

While the genre might differ, La Need Machine captures the same intensity and heartfelt nostalgia as a track like “Runaway Train.”

The song isn’t just a throwback; it channels that 90s spirit and translates it into something distinctly their own. It’s a potent dose of emotions with a modern edge, guaranteed to resonate with anyone who craves that classic sound.

The production is great and you can feel the alchemy among the band members, these guys are able to speak directly to the soul of the listener.

“These Old Jeans” shows the ability to capture the essence of a bygone era and infuse it with their own unique energy.

These Old Jeans is La Need Machine’s Single Out Now!


La Need Machine are a fast-rising Seattle band with a fresh, genre-bending sound. La Need Machine combine the best of Indie Rock, Americana, Indie Pop and Punk-and-Roll for a sound that adds a new dimension to the “Seattle Sound.” Fans and music writers alike refer to La Need Machine songs as “ear-worms” that you want to listen to again and again. La Need Machine aim for music that rocks, inspires, and supports the community at-large.

La Need Machine are people-oriented and have been donating streaming revenue to a number of local and international non-profit groups since the start of the band. La Need Machine are led by Lead Guitarist Al, and co-lead singers and romantic partners Brian and Elise.

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