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These Voices is Dead Superstar’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hitting play on “These Voices” by Dead Superstar is like getting caught in an avalanche but in the best way possible.

These Voices is Dead Superstar’s Single Out Now

These guys are undeniably incredible musicians, delivering a high-octane rock experience that will leave you breathless.

sound draws inspiration from 80s rock, but it’s far from derivative. They’ve injected their own unique energy, creating something powerful and fresh.

The shift at 2:20 is a masterstroke. The sudden quiet builds anticipation, creating a dramatic contrast before the song explodes back into action.

The guitar solo is truly fantastic, weaving in unexpected Arabic-inspired passages that transport you to another world before launching into a triumphant finale.

The rhythm section in this song is the bedrock, solid as a tank and providing the perfect platform for the rest of the band to shine.

The guitar work is exceptional, while the vocals are perfectly suited to the genre, showcasing impressive control and range.

“These Voices” is a modern rock anthem that pays homage to its influences while carving its path. The musicianship is top-notch, the songwriting is dynamic, and the energy is infectious. This band is one to watch.

These Voices is Dead Superstar’s Single Out Now!


These Voices is Dead Superstar’s Single Out Now

Although the name “Dead Superstar” appears to portend doom and gloom, this would be a misinterpretation of the name’s origin, which is a reference to the awe-inducing phenomenon known as a supernova. Dead Superstar (DS), founded in 2005 by vocalist Terence Keith, bassist Troi Mosby & guitarist Chad Willems, is a heavy groove rock band that seamlessly melds the raw energy of metal with the radio-ready hooks of classic rock. While their sexually and politically charged lyrics, hard-driving narratives confront listeners with the realities of life Their infectious, heavy beats paired with the brutal energy of their live shows mesmerizes audiences.

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