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Third Lung New Single Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
we already reviewed Third Lung in the past, but they just released their new single ‘I A Fire’ and I’m here to share my thoughts about it.

And here I am again to tell you my impressions about the new song of this talented band.

One more time they reconfirm their unique and well-produced sound.

This band knows how to make songs, there are no doubts about it. I really admire their ability to build the foundation of their songs.

A very secure melodic and harmonic construction and the song flows away without ever having a weak point.

I have the feeling that this band spends a lot of time pre-producing their songs because every little nuance is kept under control and the song comes out only when the finishing process has been carefully reviewed.

Another great song, this band never ceases to amaze me.

I A Fire is Third Lung’s Single Out Now

Another Great Song!


THIRD LUNG. Emotive, Evocative, Enchanting. Pensive, Powerful and Passionate. Their music continues to capture and inspire, gathering increasing support from Fans and Critic alike. With past praise and compliments flowing from the likes of The Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Radio show, Amazing Radio and The BBC Introducing Team.

THIRD LUNG invites us to stand up, dust ourselves off and move Forward with their Anthemic and emotionally charged Declaration, The New Single ‘I A FIRE’.

‘I A FIRE’ is a celebration. A coming of age. A moment where we decide to no longer be a Victim of Our Past and commit to realising Potential. To Focus on Our Future. Lyrically the song explores the friction that occurs internally when such an Aim is set. We battle doubt, we confront our own demons and inner voices to strive forever on. With the lessons of yesterday fuelling tomorrow.

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