Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | 'THIS IS IT' is Music UnLtd.'s Single Out Now
‘THIS IS IT’ is Music UnLtd.’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Immersing into Music UnLtd.’s latest single, ‘THIS IS IT,’ I found myself drawn to the blend of traditional and epic vibes that permeate the song.

‘THIS IS IT’ is Music UnLtd.’s Single Out Now

The incorporation of traditional instruments within a modern musical framework lends an almost futuristic quality, conjuring post-apocalyptic scenarios in the listener’s imagination.

The melodic interpretation of the vocals is fantastic, with a particularly intriguing quality that’s accentuated by the vivid recording, almost palpably conveying the resonance of the singer’s vocal cords.

The rhythmic pulse is unrelenting, maintaining its pressing intensity from the opening notes to the final cadence.

A distinctive element elevating the song to another level is the Sitar, weaving sinuous notes that add an exotic and captivating layer to the composition.

The chorus, with its memorable melody, becomes an echo that lingers long after the song concludes. ‘THIS IS IT’ emerges as a composition that delves into the roller coaster of emotions inherent in life, a theme that resonates through the music.

‘THIS IS IT’ is Music UnLtd.’s Single Out Now!


‘THIS IS IT’ is Music UnLtd.’s Single Out Now

‘This is it’ is a mix of Rock, Pop-Rock and Electronica, fused with the Sitar. Recording the Sitar in a rock/pop-rock song was a very exciting and fulfilling experience. I had wanted to do this for a long time, but the addition of a Sitar had to sound natural – not forced – and this was the right song for it.

The song is about the trials & tribulations of a composer-musician …the ups & downs / highs & lows / moments of euphoria & disappointment that one goes thru in ones journey thru life – always trying, always hoping that something somewhere will work out, and the music will be heard and get its due recognition.

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