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Thunderstorm is Parallel Harmonic’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Parallel Harmonic, an artist who blends the legendary rock of the past with modern nuances, takes listeners on an epic musical journey with his super single, “Thunderstorm.”

Thunderstorm is Parallel Harmonic’s Single Out Now

This double-single release features two contrasting yet equally compelling tracks, each showcasing Teixeira Pinto’s compositional prowess and ability to craft immersive soundscapes.

The first track, “A Beautiful Day,” opens with a warm, inviting melody that immediately captures the listener’s attention.

The song’s tempo gradually increases, building anticipation for the inevitable change in atmosphere that arrives around 2:20.

This harmonic and rhythmic shift is breathtaking, propelling the song into a realm of sheer musical excellence.

The second track, “Thunderstorm,” takes a more cadenced and mysterious approach, with a driving bassline and soaring guitar riffs that create an unstable atmosphere of awe and wonder.

The overall soundscape is cinematic and immersive, transporting listeners to the heart of the storm’s chaos.

“Thunderstorm” shows Parallel Harmonic’s ability to create charming music that is sonically intriguing and emotionally resonant.

Thunderstorm is Parallel Harmonic’s Single Out Now!


Thunderstorm is Parallel Harmonic’s Single Out Now

This is the musical project of Lucas Teixeira Pinto. He performs everything!

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