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Tiana is Legna Hernández’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Legna Hernández’s new single “Tiana” is a breath of fresh air, bursting with infectious energy and a modern punk edge.

Tiana is Legna Hernández’s Single Out Now

The track benefits greatly from the collaboration with Love Ghost, a great artist that I’ve been following for some time now, adding a dose of mainstream appeal without sacrificing the song’s core rebellious spirit.

Legna doesn’t hold back on “Tiana,” embracing a modern punk aesthetic with a fantastic attitude.

Her voice blends seamlessly with Love Ghost’s, creating a powerful combination that embodies the song’s irreverent and direct approach. It’s clear that Legna has the fire of rock coursing through her veins.

The song is a total blast to listen to.

The driving rhythm section keeps the energy high, while playful sonic flourishes keep the listener engaged throughout.

“Tiana” is the perfect track to crank up when you need a shot of adrenaline and a reminder to embrace your own inner rockstar.

Tiana is Legna Hernández’s Single Out Now!


Legna Hernández, with over 17 million followers on TikTok and more than 4.7 million on Instagram, is one of Mexico’s most followed public figures. This past year, she finally decided to pursue the music she always loved. Bands such as Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Halsey, among others, have been her influences since her teenage years, shaping her style, outfits, makeup, and now her music.

Now, hand in hand with the American artist Love Ghost, they bring us “Tiana,” a song that talks about realizing the mistakes made during a relationship and the memories that come to mind when listening to a song that reminds you of that person. This song is a blend of pop punk and hyper pop and features Legna singing in Spanish and love ghost in English.

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