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Tim Burton Is Bringing Wednesday Back

Christina Ricci was born in 1980 and, after the separation of her parents when she was 13, she no longer had relations with her father.

Today Christina is 41 years old and her career certainly did not stop at little Wednesday.

Tim Burton Is Bringing Wednesday Back

Her film’s debut dates back to 1990 with the film “Sirens” but she gains popularity, of course, with the Addams family. Later we will see her in the film “The Mystery of Sleepy Hollow” and in “Anything Else” by Woody Allen

In the past she has also taken part in famous television series such as “Ally McBeal”, “Gray ‘s Anatomy” and “The Good Wife” while in 2011 she was one of the protagonists of the series “Pan Am”, however, she did only one season . In 2020 she starred in the movie “10 Things to Do Before You Break Up”.

As for her private life, Christina got engaged and married in 2013 with the crew member James Heerdegen that she met on the set of the “Pan Am”. In 2014 their first child, Freddie, was born. A few months ago, however, things between the two did not go well and Christina decided to ask for a separation.

There is a rumor that Tim Burton is working on the launch of a television series about Wednesday Addams on Netflix.

At the moment the most likely candidate to cover the starring role is Jenna Ortega but the castings are still open to all ethnicities even if the preference seems to be Latinx.

For the role of Morticia, it is rumored the name of Christina Ricci who then from a daughter would become the beloved Noir mother in the series.

It is not yet sure where the negotiations are but certainly, something is cooking.

We wait with open arms, hoping that the myth of this beautiful television series will not be tarnished.

Tim Burton Is Bringing Wednesday Back

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