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Time For Something Drastic is Blindness & Light’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Blindness & Light’s single “Time For Something Drastic” delivers a compelling and urgent message through their music.

Time For Something Drastic is Blindness & Light’s Single Out Now

The title of the song is apt, as it reflects the need for significant change in a society that’s in danger due to its chaotic existence.

The song’s arrangements effectively create a post-apocalyptic aura, serving as a haunting and thought-provoking backdrop to the song’s central message.

It’s as if the vision for the song was deeply rooted in the chaos and turmoil that we often witness in the world today.

“Time For Something Drastic” carries echoes of legendary artists like Pink Floyd and David Bowie, especially in the refined chorus and outro sections featuring ethereal choirs and the intricate rhythmic design of the drums and bass.

The reference to The Doors with the line “This is the end my beautiful friend” at the conclusion of the song is a clever nod to a classic piece of rock history. It’s a subtle but powerful way to tie the song’s message into the broader narrative of the music world.

The song not only offers a haunting listening experience but also serves as a powerful reminder of the need for change and transformation in our world.

It’s a song that invites introspection and contemplation while delivering its message with musical excellence and depth.

Time For Something Drastic is Blindness & Light’s Single Out Now!


Time For Something Drastic is Blindness & Light’s Single Out Now

Humanity seems to have stagnated in its social development and is in danger of self destruction in the coming centuries if we don’t learn from our mistakes.

The track is an exploration of our modern world using the landscape of cult film Apocalypse Now and everything connected to the film such as Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad, T.S. Elliot and The Doors.

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