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Time to Burn is Bitchin’ Hour’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Bitchin’ Hour’s single “Time to Burn” unleashes epic and intense vibes that immediately set the tone for a serious rock experience.

Time to Burn is Bitchin’ Hour’s Single Out Now

These guys mean business, and they are here to rock you to the core.

The solid guitar riffs serve as a formidable foundation, while the wild and fantastic vocal timbre of the singer injects the right energy into the sound.

The singer’s voice carries a unique essence that adds a distinct character to the song, creating a captivating and dynamic listening experience.

The effect of the guitar in the solo, reminded me of the iconic solo in “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which adds a nostalgic touch while maintaining a fresh and exhilarating quality.

“Time to Burn” is undoubtedly a wild ride, and shows how the sacred fire of rock that flows within these guys.

The band’s ability to blend intense instrumentation with a powerful vocal performance showcases their skills in delivering a sound that is solid and charged with contemporary energy.

Bitchin’ Hour’s single is a bold declaration that rock is very much alive and thriving in their hands.

Time to Burn is Bitchin’ Hour’s Single Out Now!


This song was born out of the hatred of love. About a broken heart and the coward that broke it. This song is for all the people who “didn’t want the drama” yet you were with someone who was fucking Shakespeare.

It’s a song for all of those that who were left by someone they loved and became broken and bitter by it. It’s a song to heal a broken heart and sing along to in the car when you have some emotion you just need to feel.

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