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To Follow This Years Fashion is 23 Fields’ Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
23 Fields’ “To Follow This Year’s Fashion” isn’t just an album, it’s an experience.

To Follow This Years Fashion is 23 Fields’ Album Out Now

 From the first note, the listener is transported to a richly atmospheric world steeped in folk and alternative influences.

The music is deep and intense, a unique blend that draws on Americana, ethnic vibes, and even hints of Simon and Garfunkel’s classic sound.

Step Adams, the album’s visionary architect, showcases his songwriting talent with introspective and nostalgic lyrics that resonate deeply.

These aren’t just catchy tunes; they’re intense ballads with a powerful emotional core that speaks directly to the soul.

Louise Driver’s violin weaves through the melodies, adding layers of beauty and sorrow, while Jason M Smith’s drumming and percussion provide a solid foundation for the emotional journey.

Adams’ vocal performance is particularly noteworthy. His passionate timbre perfectly complements the lyrical depth, ensuring each word carries weight and meaning.

Fans of Grant Lee Buffalo or anyone seeking a hauntingly beautiful and introspective musical experience will find themselves captivated by “To Follow This Year’s Fashion.”

This album demands to be savoured in small sips, like a glass of aged whiskey, to appreciate all the nuances and details.

To Follow This Years Fashion is 23 Fields’ Album Out Now!


To Follow This Years Fashion is 23 Fields’ Album Out Now

23 Fields is the brainchild of Step Adams, collaborating with Louise Driver (violin) and Jason M Smith (drums & percussion) in 2023. An alternative folk sound with Step’s gravelly voice and Lou’s haunting violin brought together with Jason’s percussive drive.

Songs about love, life and nonsense from politically driven anger to sensitive songs about family and lost loved ones. Their debut album ‘The World Is Raining’ was released in July 2023 receiving radio play in the United States, South Africa and the UK. It is available on all major platforms. Work is now complete on their 2nd album ‘To Follow This Year’s Fashion’, produced by James McMilan.

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