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To Rivendell is JJ Smith’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
JJ Smith’s single “To Rivendell” introduces us to a refined singer-songwriter with a remarkable talent for crafting music that is intimate and captivating.

To Rivendell is JJ Smith’s Single Out Now

From the moment the arpeggio begins, it envelops the listener like a gentle spring rain, setting the stage for what’s to come.

What immediately stands out is JJ Smith’s unique and intense vocal timbre. His voice carries a distinct quality that draws the listener in and makes you believe in the world he’s painting through his lyrics.

There’s a genuine authenticity in his delivery that resonates deeply.

One of the most appealing aspects of JJ Smith’s songwriting style is his willingness to take his time. He allows the music to breathe, and the lyrics are never overwhelming.

This approach creates a perfect balance where both the musical and lyrical elements have their own space to shine.

JJ Smith’s folk music is a distinct and precious gem in a crowded musical landscape. With “To Rivendell,” he has created his own musical limbo—a place that stands out and invites the listener to join him on a contemplative and introspective journey.

This single shows JJ Smith’s ability to convey emotion and tell a story through his music.

To Rivendell is JJ Smith’s Single Out Now!


JJ Smith pairs intricate guitar work and a dynamic vocal range to create an expressive spin on modern folk-rock.

Taking inspiration from artists such as: Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Hozier and Led Zeppelin. . . JJ and his Band can be found playing throughout Chicagoland.

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