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Tonight is Ask Carol’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Ask Carol in the past but they are out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

The rough and direct sound of this talented duo’s new single fascinated me.

The singer’s voice is incredible, full of nuances vocal timbre that hides a truly rock spirit, a sexy voice that speaks directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

I watched some of their videos and in the singer’s eyes I saw a wild spirit burning inside and this rebellious soul exudes from the beautiful music proposed by this band.

The drums constantly push and the arrangements are always modern and very well thought out.

Impossible not to compare these guys to the White Stripes even if Ask Carol’s sound has those European nuances that make it unique.

I was already a fan of this band but now I am even more so. Simply fantastic.

Tonight is Ask Carol’s Single Out Now!

Pure Energy


Describing that dark, slightly sinful, mood, we all can feel in the late night hours. This fierce, energetic song will have you embracing your darker sides, shamelessly. With badass, haunting vocals, and big, fuzzy riffs, from front-woman Carol, this powerful duo will hit you in the face with their modern, alternative rock tune, “Tonight”.
Ask Carol’s first single of 2022, leading up to debut album, spring 2022.


Find Ask Carol Here:


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