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Touch You Baby is No Named’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
No Named’s single “Touch You Baby” is a musical gem that immediately captivates the listener.

Touch You Baby is No Named’s Single Out Now

The standout element is the singer’s intriguing and unique vocal style, a dark whisper that has a magnetic quality, drawing the audience into the song’s world.

No Named’s compositional approach is a fascinating blend of past and present, creating a sound that is nostalgic and modern simultaneously.

It’s as if the spirit of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed have converged in their music. This fusion of influences adds depth and complexity to their sound, making it a truly distinctive experience.

The lyrics of “Touch You Baby” are profound, displaying a depth of thought and emotion that reflects a significant level of musical maturity and experience.

It’s a twilight song, intimate and refined, taking the listener on a contemplative journey.

The performance and production of the track are masterful, highlighting the band’s skill and dedication to their craft. Every element of the song, from the vocals to the instrumentation, is executed with precision and artistry.

No Named has created a piece of art that is both nostalgic and modern, and it’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates well-crafted, evocative music.

Touch You Baby is No Named’s Single Out Now!


Touch You Baby is No Named’s Single Out Now

No Named is not just a classic Anglo-rock band, but an experience of transformation from prolonged pain and suffering, to joy and inner peace, through the magic of music. Born in the midst of desolation and adversity, this band created moving and authentic music that led them to find, perhaps unwittingly, the path to harmony, happiness and fullness.

The band’s journey started when Nice Light was just 8 years old. He saw a guitar and fell in love, learning to play at an early age on a school instrument, and soon becoming the lead voice and guitarist in the school choir. At 12, his mother gave him his first electric guitar. Although it had no amplifier or effects, Nice Light learned to play unplugged sounds and composed and recorded his first album “Forced Fluid” on cassette tapes.

Despite joining several bands that didn’t quite take off, Nice Light continued to make classic rock cover songs with various musicians who came and went, leading to the emergence of No Named as the name of the band. Gradually, the band began to play its own songs at the end of their cover song presentations, forging their own path. However, No Named’s journey took Nice Light to India, in search of his inner world and his destiny, and it was there that a Indian spiritual guide named him Nice Light, since he said that his music radiated a magical and nice light. And so, at the end of 2017 the band decided to go professional, which involved difficult decisions and hard work that culminated in the production of their albums “Feelings” and “Looking From The Rainbow Game”. By 2019, these albums were recognized at a professional level, fulfilling their aspirations.

In this way, in the first album, “Feelings”, each song tells a true story of Nice Light’s life. For example, “Stand Up!” talks about his fight against adversity in the midst of pain while “Father is a Big Man” is a posthumous tribute to his father.

No Named’s creative process is rooted in authenticity and emotions. The band doesn´t use digital software to enhance instruments or create artificial sounds. Instead, they have over a hundred unique guitar solos, each with their own voice and emotion. This authenticity extends to their recording process, which includes mixing and mastering the drums in the welcoming environment of Canada, recording vocals amid the vibrant energy of Los Angeles-California, and mixing and mastering the songs in London, England.

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