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Tout Est Pardonné is Porter’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Porter’s latest single, “Tout Est Pardonné,” is a musical journey that cuts through the soul with raw emotion and powerful instrumentation.

Tout Est Pardonné is Porter’s Single Out Now

From the moment the riff of the guitar hits, it’s as if a sharp blade is slicing through the air, its equalization emphasizing the high frequencies, evoking sensations of a cold wind biting at your face.

Porter can carve out their unique musical world by drawing influences from bands like Foo Fighters in their musical composition and occasionally echoing the vocal metrics of R.E.M.

One notable arrangement is the reverberated, megaphonic voice that launches into the chorus. It’s a hauntingly beautiful moment that adds depth and dimension to the song, pulling listeners deeper into its emotive core.

But it’s not just the music that captivates; the lyrics of “Tout Est Pardonné” carry a profound message. The song speaks of Sophie, a hero of the past whose courage and resilience continue to inspire.

It’s a reminder that while we shouldn’t forget our past, we must learn from it, a message that resonates deeply in today’s world.

Porter proves once again that they are not only here to entertain but also to spread a message of hope and resilience through their music.

Tout Est Pardonné is Porter’s Single Out Now!


This song is about courage. About remaining human in times of pure inhumanity. It is a warning in today’s times, which are preparing to allow what has happened, the unimaginable, to be seen as forgettable. 

The progressive alternative rock band PORTER from Germany has been around for quite a while and mixes the different preferences of the individual band members for metal and punk, indie and singer songwriter, hardcore and alternative into a completely unique blend that brings the sound, which is stylistically rooted in the energetic, guitar-led alternative rock of the 90s, into the present day thanks to progressive elements and a rich production.

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