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Traction is Vanilla Franco’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Hold onto your beer, music lovers, because Vanilla Franco’s “Traction” isn’t just an album, it’s a sonic uppercut straight to the soul.

Traction is Vanilla Franco’s Album Out Now

This one-man rock machine delivers a fist-pumping, adrenaline-fueled journey that’s as raw and real as a tattooed tear on a leather jacket.

Gone are the days of sugarcoated anthems and watered-down radio fodder. Vanilla Franco lets loose like a caged lion, channeling the swagger of Oasis and the Britpop bite of Blur, but with a modern twist.

Every track hits you like a shot of tequila, laced with psychedelic swirls and infectious grooves. This ain’t background music, it’s a call to arms, a middle finger to the mainstream, and a celebration of good old-fashioned rock & roll grit.

Each song is a testament to Franco’s unyielding passion. You can hear the sweat dripping from his guitar strings, the fire roaring in his vocals, and the heart pounding in every drumbeat.

There’s no studio trickery here, no compromise, just pure, unadulterated sonic fury. He pours his soul onto the tracks, leaving you convinced that every lyric, every riff, is ripped straight from his guts.

But Franco’s not just a sonic battering ram. There’s a surprising depth to his sound, hidden beneath the layers of distortion and feedback. Psychedelic flourishes weave through the chaos, adding a touch of trippy brilliance that sets him apart from the rock & roll hordes.

This is music that gets your head banging, but also makes you think, leaving you wanting to peel back the layers and unlock its secrets.

So, is “Traction” perfect? Not quite. Some might find the intensity overwhelming, the lyrical barbs a bit too sharp. But that’s what makes it so damn exciting.

This is not an album for the faint of heart, it’s for the rebels, the misfits, the ones who crave something genuine, something that grabs you by the throat and shakes you awake.

Traction is Vanilla Franco’s Album Out Now!


Traction is Vanilla Franco’s Album Out Now

Vanilla Franco is the super sonic brainchild of Joey Quinn. Serving up a hyped & harsh blend of alternative indie rock sounds.

TRACTION (The debut album) is out now and throws a tighter focus on the explosive high gain sound of the singles released prior.

Joey works on Vanilla Franco records alone, one man band style – similarly to Tame ImpalaMac DeMarco or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Vanilla Franco tracks have a raw and untamed feel as a result of the signature ‘Joey Quinn workflow’; a workflow consisting of limited production knowledge and pure fearlessness. Plug in and GO LOUD is the general rule.

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