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Train in Vain (Cover) is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
This time Blueburst amazes us with a cover.

Train in Vain (Cover) is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

The version of this legendary song written originally by The Clash is intriguing. Clash’s tune is uplifting, sly, and irreverent in the typical style of the English band.

Blueburst dressed this song in autumnal attire and made it intense. I must say that they surprised me and their version convinced me a lot.

It’s not easy to change the mood and vibes of a track, this shows the great creativity and musical knowledge of this band.

The added meaning is also intriguing… singer Craig Douglas Miller tired of the bad things that happened in 2020 had reinterpreted the lyrics and instead of breaking up with a girl he breaks up with a nation that no longer represents him. It’s like the end of a love story.

Many people have felt this emotion of helplessness going through everything that is happening around the world today as well.

A very interesting version of Train in Vain that I recommend to everyone.

Train in Vain (Cover) is Blueburst’s Single Out Now!

Well Thought Out!

Train in Vain (Cover) is Blueburst’s Single Out Now

This cover of “Train in Vain” was inspired by a strange revelation guitarist/vocalist Craig Douglas Miller had upon hearing it during the Summer of 2020. “There was so much going on in the country, with the George Floyd murder, pandemic, and everything else. For some reason it dawned on me that these lyrics about a breakup could also be from a disillusioned American singing to their country,” says Miller. “So we took the song and gave it a more somber tone.”

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