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Train Wreck Coming is Backstrom’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Backstrom’s latest single, “Train Wreck Coming,” featuring the unmistakable voice of Bart Topher, is a musical gem.

Train Wreck Coming is Backstrom’s Single Out Now

The standout feature of this track is Topher’s present and intimate vocals, creating an immersive experience as if he’s right there in the room with you.

The infectious rhythm of the song is immediately noticeable, with groovy guitar strumming taking center stage.

The dynamic drum design adds power to the overall composition, and the wind arrangements bring an uplifting vibe that enhances the listening experience.  Each element is thoughtfully crafted, contributing to the song’s contagious energy.

“Train Wreck Coming” effortlessly transports listeners into the heart of Americana vibes.

The music conjures images of Kentucky, and the overall atmosphere makes you feel like a vagabond, eagerly awaiting a new train and a new adventure.

The evocative nature of the song is further emphasized by the intoxicating blend of elements that make you envision sipping moonshine in the heart of the South.

Backstrom and Bart Topher have successfully created a musical narrative that goes beyond sound, immersing the audience in a vivid story.

Train Wreck Coming (feat. Bart Topher) is Backstrom’s Single Out Now!

Real Vibes!

The instruments for this single was recorded in Buenos Aires by Fransisco Paz in his studio. Then we added the vocals online with american singer Bart Topher and a great harmonies from “Singtrece”. Gabe Wolf did the mix and mastering.

Backstrom is a Swedish independent songwriter in the genres of country, folk and rock music. After a long break from music, I had a creative year and wrote a lot of songs in the winter of -23. Then I spent the rest of the year producing them and I will release the debut album “The Carousel” on 18/1!

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