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Trans Global Amnesia is Underdog’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the ever-evolving landscape of music, it’s refreshing to encounter a band like Underdog, who dare to break free from conventional genres and embrace a fearlessly experimental approach.

Trans Global Amnesia is Underdog’s Album Out Now

Their album, “Trans Global Amnesia” is a mix of alternative rock, psychedelia, and a touch of blues.

The result is a raw, untamed sound that harkens back to the golden era of 1970s rock while also injecting a fresh, modern sensibility.

From the outset, “Trans Global Amnesia” grabs the listener by the collar and pulls them into its whirlwind of sound.

The opening track, “You Told Me” sets the tone with its pulsating rhythms, distorted guitars, and a vocal delivery that exudes raw passion.

This energy continues throughout the album, with each song taking the listener on a journey through a different musical landscape.

The album dips into psychedelic territory on tracks like “Echo Of A Dream” and “K-9” where swirling guitars and effects create an atmosphere of energetic dreaminess.

These moments are balanced by the bluesier undertones of “Rocket Baby” with its soulful vocals and bluesy guitar riffs.

Authenticity shines through in every track, with the band’s musicianship taking center stage.

The absence of overproduced beats or synthesized sounds underscores the raw, organic nature of the music. Instead, we hear the sweat and passion of a band that poured their heart and soul into the recording process.

“Trans Global Amnesia” is a rollercoaster ride through the universe of rock music, from the electrifying energy of early punk to the introspective depths of bluesy rock.

 Their music is an invitation to shed the constraints of genre and embrace the wild, untamed spirit of rock and roll.

So, put your horns up, turn it up loud, and let this wild sound take you on a sonic adventure that will leave you breathless and yearning for more.

Trans Global Amnesia is Underdog’s Album Out Now!

Wild Ride

Trans Global Amnesia is Underdog’s Album Out Now

We have been the #1 Alternative band in Boston and regionally, for over five years, reaching #2 in the nation, and #3 in the world on Reverbnation. We released our first album, Ether Dome, in 2020 and just dropped our follow up album, Trans Global Amnesia, on New Year’s Eve. We are currently underway with work on our next album, Wonderland, which we hope will be released this summer. 

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