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Transcendence is Wuji’s New Album

Good Day Noir Family,
Wuji’s album “Transcendence” entertains the listeners with its raw and nostalgic sound reminiscent of the 90s grunge era, yet with a modern twist.

Transcendence is Wuji’s New Album

The band’s dedication to composing their music without relying on computerized assistance is notable and adds to the authenticity of their sound.

The strength of the album lies in its solid compositions, which reflect the band’s evident commitment to their vision.

The distorted guitars, are “strong and raw,” evoke the essence of grunge rock without compromise. The band’s time spent in the rehearsal room shines through, manifesting in the album’s enviable musical alchemy.

“Transcendence” showcases a range of musical elements that entertain the listener. From the powerful guitar riff of the first track that gives the title to this album to the intricate chord progressions of “Survival,” each song offers a unique experience.

The unexpected and intriguing chorus of “Chasm”, which follows a “Nirvanish” verse, adds depth to the album, demonstrating the band’s versatility and musical vision.

Overall, Wuji emerges as a band with a clear artistic direction and a commitment to authentic, basement-born music. Their fusion of grunge influences with a contemporary approach positions them as a noteworthy presence in the music scene.

Transcendence is Wuji’s New Album!


Wuji is composed of singer-songwriter Andrew Kashak, singer-songwriter Tyler Dallas, multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Krenbrink and percussionist Michael Broddy. Writing about his experiences growing up in northern Canada, Andrew isn’t just trying to paint a narrative but rather combine his stories with spiritual experiences that coincide with the band’s collective musical interests.

Wuji’s sonic journey incorporates the contemporary flair of bands like Highly Suspect, The Arctic Monkeys, and The XX, fusing it seamlessly with the nostalgic essence of 60s legends like The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Their music delves into the raw and intense vibes of Black Sabbath while paying homage to the grunge era with echoes of 90s bands like Alice in Chains, Placebo, Radiohead, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, and Nirvana.

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