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Treading Water is The Nomadic’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
From the first note, The Nomadic’s “Treading Water” hooks you with its intriguing sound.

Treading Water is The Nomadic’s New Single

The visionary architect behind this project, Rob Gaylard, immediately showcases his refined compositional skills.

His experience shines through, creating a soundscape that’s familiar and insiringly unique.

The song evokes a sense of nostalgia, reminding you of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” with its evocative guitar arpeggios and rhythmic cadence.

>However, the melody swiftly departs, carving its own path with originality while retaining a similar mood and atmosphere.

The lyrics are profound and universally relatable. “Treading Water” captures that feeling of being stuck in life’s current, battling against the flow. Yet, amidst the emotional depth, there’s especially in the music a glimmer of hope.

The instrumentation builds gradually, creating a sense of momentum and anticipation. The rising tension ultimately gives way to a sense of liberation, reflecting the protagonist’s inner journey.

The accompanying music video deserves special praise. It’s clear The Nomadic takes their art seriously. The video is professionally produced and beautifully interpreted, perfectly complementing the song’s message and mood.

“Treading Water” with relatable lyrics and fantastic sound makes this single a must-listen.

Treading Water is The Nomadic’s New Single!


Singer Songwriter Rob Gaylard relocated home to Sydney Australia in February 2022 after 5 years as a regular feature of the New York City indie rock scene and recorded New Horizons with Dan Frizza in Sydney at Forbes Studios. The Nomadic is the best of Aussie rock talent, with Miles Thomas (Lior, Ronan Keating, Montaigne) on drums, Oliver Thorpe (The Whitlams, Matt Corby, Meg Mac) on guitar, and Brendan Clark (Meg Mac, Montaigne, Jack River) on bass. Dan Frizza as producer lends the kind of magic touch that has seen him enrich the work of the likes of Tones & I, King Princess, and Gurrumul.

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