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Trent Jean New Single Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
we already reviewed Trent-Jean in the past but they are out with a new single and I want to share my thoughts about it.

Here we go again… I’m one more time “infected” by the energy of Trent Jean’s music.

Their unique and enveloping sound took over my nervous system which started sending electric pulses all over my body and I found myself moving my fingers and legs in time to the music.

This band has clear ideas about the genre they want to propose to the masses and they do so after having studied and created a unique style.

A mix of electronic elements with typical rock instruments makes this music truly fascinating.

I also like that these guys like to experiment and that they offer songs of different lengths than what we are used to.

Their new single Illusions 09 lasts only one minute and zero four but in this short time they manage to concentrate a lot of emotion and the instinct, as soon as the song ends, is to press the play button again.

Do it now it’s worth it!

ILLUSIONS 09 is Trent-Jean’s Single Out Now!

Another Great Song!


Quote: “In a sea of blue, Root 4 Purple… I want this prelude (OVERTURE) to be a mini-anthem 4 the Underdogs of Society, 4 those who have felt like the freaks, the unwanted + the unsettled. This ones for you… Well more realistically this one is 4 us.”  – TJ on the Motive behind the energy of “ILLUSIONS 09” 

After the successful release of Stadium Sized Raucous Alt-Pop/Rock Anthem – ‘B4IDie’, Trent-Jean returns 3 weeks later with a self-produced prelude to a future slammer.

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