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Trojan Horse is Small Black Arrows’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Small Black Arrows land a bullseye with their intriguing single “Trojan Horse.”

Trojan Horse is Small Black Arrows’ Single Out Now

 The track immediately establishes a refined and sophisticated style, showcasing the band’s knack for crafting irresistibly groovy music.

The drumbeat lays down a solid foundation, while the ethereal and nostalgic keyboard notes weave a hypnotic spell.

This shimmering musical universe creates a mirage-like effect, perfectly capturing your attention. The repetitive riff in the guitar solo is fantastic and further solidifies the song’s mesmerizing quality.

Small Black Arrows aren’t just aiming for your ears; they’re aiming for your subconscious.

The combination of these elements brings you into a dreamlike state, conjuring up vivid imagery.

The vocal delivery is solid and passionate, with moments that evoke the soulful timbre of Lenny Kravitz, particularly in the verses.

This adds a familiar warmth to the band’s modern sound, creating a sound that’s fresh and strangely nostalgic. This ability to blend together the old and the new is one of Small Black Arrows’ most intriguing strengths.

If you’re looking for music that’s intriguing, groove-oriented, and subtly hypnotic, then Small Black Arrows deserve a spot on your playlist.

Trojan Horse is Small Black Arrows’ Single Out Now!


Small Black Arrows create fresh, unique, exquisite, intelligent experimental often mesmerising funk folk pop. They combine eclectic influences from folk to trip-hop & from RnB to rock and opera, to create their own unique brand of mesmerising, atmospheric music, using alternative instrumentation to question traditional arrangements, an approach which reflects lyrically.

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