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True Grit is Mike Masser’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Mike Masser’s album “True Grit,” released in 2021, continues to resonate with a timeless quality, showcasing what great music is all about.

True Grit is Mike Masser’s Album Out Now

The standout feature of this album is the invigorating and energetic vibe that channels the spirit of 90s rock. Mike Masser’s music carries the torch of that era’s rock sound, and it’s a breath of fresh air in today’s musical landscape.

One of the strengths of “True Grit” is the solidity of Mike Masser’s vocal delivery. His powerful and passionate singing is truly inspiring, and it infuses the music with a sense of authenticity and raw emotion.

It’s clear that he pours his heart and soul into every note, making for a captivating listening experience.

The album isn’t just an adrenaline rush; it also offers introspective moments, as exemplified in the ballad “Bended Knee.” This track reveals another facet of Mike Masser’s artistry, demonstrating his ability to craft songs that delve into deeper emotions and experiences.

“True Grit” is characterized by its no-frills, pure rock sound. Mike Masser’s reliance on real instruments and his commitment to a more organic and sweat-driven approach make his music direct.

The absence of computer-generated beats adds to the album’s authenticity, creating a connection between the artist and the listener.

Mike Masser is indeed an artist worth following closely.

True Grit is Mike Masser’s Album Out Now!


Mike Masser spent the early ‘00s in a rock band that was able to carve out a piece of local success. After that, he went on to play in a number of cover bands because as a guitarist, he couldn’t stay away from the stage. After some time he was burnt out and spent a decade focusing his attention everywhere but music.

He couldn’t stay away forever though and decided to pick back up not only his guitar but also his voice. Mike hadn’t sung before and was nervous so experimented with his debut. Now that he’s proven it to himself, he’s back with his new record, One More Shot. 

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