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E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like – Two Man Advantage

Good Day Noir Family,
our “E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Two Man Advantage. The Label DCxPC Live has just released a new 12\” record of this great band. One side is a live show at CBGB from about 20 years ago, and the other is a more recent live show at Punk Rock Bowling.

The vulgar sound of this band hits you like a punch in the face, the album, in general, is a violent ride and you feel like a knight on a battlefield ready to cut heads with your sword.

This music oozes sweat, blood, and vomit. As soon as you start listening you are in the room with them and you smell the stench of sweat and alcohol that surrounds you. This music is sincere and honest for lovers of real emotions and not for those who like plasticized beats made by a computer.

These guys have been playing for years and their passion for punk is incredible, for them being punk is not just a musical genre but also a lifestyle.

The album is great from the first to the last song and makes you relive those epic moments at CBGB and at Punk Rock Bowling. The single Zamboni Driving Maniac leaves you no way out, it pushes from the first to the last second.

This band is always All In, take it or leave they are not looking for compromises, these guys are only looking for real emotions and music with no strings attached.

2MA Live is Two Man Advantage’s Album Out Now! And You Can Order It Here 👇:


Side A and Side B were recorded live, 16 years apart, at opposite ends of the country. Side A is live at CBGB (home ice) in August of 2002. Side B is live at Punk Rock Bowling, Fremont Country Club, Las Vegas, May 2018.

  • A tracks: 1. Intro 2. No Time For Sippin\’ 3. Do What You Want 4. Don\’t Label Us 5. Hot Rod GTO 6. Head Hunting 7. Rumble/Blue Seat Riot Side
  • B tracks: 1. Bastard Of The Ice 2. Rookie Season 3. Lockout 4. Zamboni Driving Maniac 5. Commercial Break 10

Real and Irreverent!


In the summer of 1997, a force to be reckoned with came up from the Beer Leagues. Forged from the punk rejects of all the other teams, a group of individuals came together to form the deadliest machine ever to grace the ice. With a total commitment to hockey, beer, and punk rock, Two Man Advantage was born kicking and screaming into a savage, hostile environment with sticks swinging.

A ferocious game plan was devised and the Two Man hit the circuit, racking up huge numbers of victories and almost never losing a bout. Never before had such a perfect balance of offensive skill, finesse, and tuneful melody been combined with a defensive depth of hard-hitting, blazing mega-core.

Two Man Advantage has grown from a core group of skilled players and prolific drinkers into a well-liquored, inexhaustible, steamrolling machine–playing hundreds of games in support of the Team’s releases since the first demo in ’97. The Team has added members since then and has become legendary for its intense live performances—leaving its opponents bloodied and bowed, but always begging to hear more.

  • Drunk Bastard: Lead Vocals
  • Skate: Guitar/Vocals
  • Captain: Guitar
  • Snapshot: Bass
  • Coach: Drums/Vocals
  • Metal Myk: Vocals
  • The Rookie: The Rookie Recordings produced with: Dean Rispler, Jesse Cannon, Dave Smalley, Matt Verta-Ray 5

Find Two Man Advantage Here:


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