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UFO is Sonic Winter’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sonic Winter’s single “UFO” presents a truly intriguing and innovative musical experience. Right from the mysterious introduction of the keys, you’re drawn into a world of sound that’s unique.

UFO is Sonic Winter’s Single Out Now

The groove that kicks in is hypnotic and mesmerizing, and the harmonies of the keys add an ethereal quality to the music.

The composition style of Sonic Winter is indeed something special…an evolution of Gorillaz and Massive Attack mixed with nuances of Nine Inch Nails.

“UFO” carries a futuristic sound that seems to transport you to otherworldly realms. It’s a sonic journey that invites you to let your imagination take flight, as if you’re soaring through space.

The music has a dreamy and otherworldly quality that creates a sense of detachment from the ordinary, making it an evocative experience.

Sonic Winter’s sound is a fusion of various influences, from alternative and darkwave to rap and industrial, which adds depth and complexity to their music. This eclectic mix keeps the listener engaged, as there are multiple layers to explore.

UFO seems to hide a coded message, an element of mystery and intrigue, inviting listeners to dive deeper into their work and search for inscrutable meanings or interpretations.

The band’s ability to blend various influences into a cohesive and unique sound is fantastic, making “UFO” a  thought-provoking tune.

UFO is Sonic Winter’s Single Out Now!


UFO is Sonic Winter’s Single Out Now

Originally formed in 2012, this French duo comprised of guitarist Jean-Marc Millière and keyboardist Francis Girola. Yet, each and every of their project features a variety of talented musicians from all around the globe and stemming from highly diverse musical horizons.

Likewise, their repertoire is equally varied and unclassifiable. There is one thing we can know for certain: they constantly strive to break free of any mold one could try to place them in. Fusing elements of rock, soul, blues, hip-hop and electronica, Sonic Winter’s music is steeped in the 1970s artistic ethos, back in the days when people were not afraid of crossing over creative borders. In that regard, every song sets you out on a truly unique voyage of discovery that takes you by surprise, an epic journey of sounds that can be visually evocative, thoughtful and even danceable at times.

Furthermore, Sonic Winter has also fostered a close relationship with stunning visual artwork. Their various collaborations notably include artists such as Yves Krief from France, Katarzyna Piela from Poland, Vihartancos from Hungary, Martin Sventorp from Sweden and Amin Haghshenas from Iran, thus manifesting that their art genuinely knows no frontiers.

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