Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B is Taner B Frenzy's Album Out Now
Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B is Taner B Frenzy’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Taner B Frenzy’s “Ultra Instrumental Frenzy Side B” shows the artist’s remarkable compositional talent and diverse musical influences.

Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B is Taner B Frenzy’s Album Out Now

From the onset, it’s evident that Frenzy is not only a skilled musician but also a visionary in crafting soundscapes that transcend conventional boundaries.

One of the striking aspects of the album is its versatility. Frenzy effortlessly navigates through various musical styles, offering charming sonic experiences.

Tracks like “A West B Ward” exude a raw energy reminiscent of classic rock anthems, while “Spanish Codetta” delves into the realms of electronic introspection with a futuristic flair.

“You Know The Drill” showcases Frenzy’s proficiency with the piano, delivering a captivating performance that resonates with emotive depth.

Meanwhile, “Walking Through Walls” explores more ethereal landscapes, inviting listeners on a journey through haunting melodies and atmospheric textures.

What truly sets “Ultra Instrumental Frenzy Side B” apart is its potential as a cinematic soundtrack. Each track possesses a cinematic quality, ripe for accompanying visual narratives on the screen.

Frenzy’s ability to evoke imagery and emotion through his music speaks a lot about his artistic vision and storytelling capabilities.

For aficionados of instrumental music and beyond, this album is a must-listen—an immersive journey through the limitless realms of artistic expression.

Ultra Instrumental Frenzy side B is Taner B Frenzy’s Album Out Now!


“Taner Remzi ( Taner B Frenzy), is a versatile musician guitarist/ pianist multi instrumental singer/songwriter composer based in Melbourne Australia, who writes sings and plays alternative rock pop from the heart, studied music to a high level and sports many classic rock and varied world influences ranging from 70s right through to now ( please see playlists on Taner Remzi Music İnfluences to get an idea ). He has released a number of EPs now all of top quality and deserving of more attention and adulation, including instrumental pieces that would be great for syncing opportunity.

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