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Under The Purple Lights is Rich Kid Express’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rich Kid Express delivers a captivating musical experience with his single “Under The Purple Lights.”

Under The Purple Lights is Rich Kid Express’ Ep Out Now

From the first note, the song exudes an electrifying energy that harks back to the roots of real rock and roll, unapologetically free from any constraints.

While it’s clear that Rich Kid Express draws inspiration from the past, the track demonstrates that Rock and Roll is a timeless genre that never goes out of style.

In a world saturated with electronic beats and computer-generated sounds, artists like Rob Richardson, who champion music played with real instruments, are a breath of fresh air.

“Under The Purple Lights” shows the enduring power of authentic, raw music that has the ability to evoke genuine emotions.

The production quality of the single is top-notch, providing a crisp and immersive sonic experience. Each instrument and vocal element is skillfully balanced, allowing every aspect of the performance to shine.

Rob Richardson’s vocals are particularly noteworthy, as he effortlessly channels the spirit of classic rock while infusing his unique style into the mix.

In a world constantly seeking the next big thing, Rich Kid Express reminds us of the enduring power of true rock music.

Under The Purple Lights is Rich Kid Express’ Ep Out Now!


Rich Kid Express is a one man circus! Multi-instrumentalist Rob Richardson has formed RKE as a way to bring back the big riffs and hooks….to create fun, catchy rock and roll.

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