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Under the Skin is Signal Static’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Signal Static in the past but they are back with a new intense single Under the Skin.

Under the Skin is Signal Static’s Single Out Now

In addition to having a solid and powerful sound, this band also proves to have something to say.

With this new single Signal Static supports the sometimes difficult path of those people who don’t feel serene in their own bodies. An open-air prison, a constant battle against yourself in order to one day get out of the “bug” and become butterflies.

Under the Skin is a deep song that wants to be close to those who are in pain. It’s as if the band wants them to know that they’re by their side.

The song is very well articulated the continuous variations never let the tension drop. The singer’s interpretation is passionate and manages to give the right energy to this beautiful tune.

The choirs are also beautiful, some of them made me think about prog-rock influences.

A band that produces quality music and that I recommend again to everyone.

Under the Skin is Signal Static’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Intense!

Under the Skin is Signal Static’s Single Out Now

This song champions the stories of our many wonderful friends in the Trans and Non-Binary communities, and in a larger that of anybody who is working hard to make progress and own their identity in a world that doesn’t make it easy.

Signal Static was formed in 2015 by Ryan Stringer (Bass, Vocals), Gino Klein (Guitar, Backup Vocals), and Randy Camponi (Drums, Backup Vocals). The trio quickly formed a dynamic songwriting partnership, and over the next year developed much of the material which would form the basis of the band’s early chapters.

Following a band shake-up resulting from everybody’s favourite pandemic, Signal Static re-formed itself as its original trio, with Ryan taking over lead vocal duties, resulting in the most productive and creative period in the band’s history.

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