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Underground is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Near Death Experience are back and I’m ready for this new rocking experience.

The initial bass riff already made me realize that I would love this song.

An energetic and catchy ride that reminded me of the vibes of the Blues Brothers songs.

The ‘retro’ atmosphere of Underground is magical and intriguing. Special mention to the singer who in my opinion made an excellent interpretation. The rest of the band also surpassed themselves with exceptional musical arrangements… the fantastic trumpet solo made me take a trip to Mexico.

This song would make the perfect soundtrack for a Tarantino movie. So Quentin you need to contact them, it is time for your Near Death Experience.

Near Death Experience have fun while they play and are great musicians, they always manage to raise the bar and offer high-quality music.

Underground is Near Death Experience’s Single Out Now!



Near Death Experience (NDX) take you on a grooving rock’n’soul adventure with their latest single ‘Underground’ to an uber cool place where ‘the beats get hot when the sun goes down’. At the same time, the band have conjured up a whole new music genre: subterranean swing!

Right from the off, an irresistible bass line – that only Amar ‘The Groovemeister’ Grover could have written – lays down the groove and you know you’re in for a great time. By the time Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling’s swinging acoustic guitar riff, backed by drummer Isidro ‘Isi’ Tomas Roldan’s driving beat, explodes into life, it’s clear you’re on the ride of your life, and there’s no looking back.

Then, as Lightning pleads “Take me down to the underground”, the horns erupt sparring with Bill ‘The Professor’ Marten’s rock’n’roll guitar licks taking the song to yet another level with a wonderful latin feel.

Yes, ‘Underground’ finds NDX at their toe tapping, hook laden, singalong, swinging best, as they celebrate the vibe of the most inviting, exhilarating, vibrant subterranean speakeasy the world has ever seen. Or maybe it’s simply outa this world!

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