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underrated/overstimulated is Justin Payne & Co’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Justin Payne & Co’s EP “Underrated/Overstimulated” is a refreshing dive into vintage vibes, offering a unique sound that sets this artist apart from the crowd.

underrated/overstimulated is Justin Payne & Co’s Ep Out Now

The retro influences woven into the music give it a distinctive quality, making it stand out in a landscape saturated with contemporary sounds.

What sets Justin Payne & Co apart is not just the vintage appeal but the wild energy infused into each track.

The EP exudes a vibrant, untamed spirit that captivates the listener from start to finish.

The artist’s compositional skills shine through, displaying a keen understanding of musical intricacies and a flair for crafting memorable arrangements.

The production of the EP is fantastic.

The meticulous attention to detail allows each element to shine, creating a sonic tapestry that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

There’s a refined rock energy present in the music, a rarity that adds a layer of sophistication to the overall listening experience.

 This is a great recommendation for anyone seeking a sonic experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a glimpse into the exciting realm of Justin Payne & Co’s musical prowess.

underrated/overstimulated is Justin Payne & Co’s Ep Out Now!


underrated/overstimulated is Justin Payne & Co’s Ep Out Now

Following in the footsteps of Lou Reed, Sonic Youth, and the Replacements, Justin Payne & Co. blend cynical and terse lyricism with a thick, layered alternative rock sound. Spanning from classic tones to biting and timely social critique, this band are often regarded as outliers and provocateurs, but also possess the ability to craft passionate and moody ballads based off of Justin Payne’s dynamic and tumultuous life experiences.

Reoccurring themes of romantic love, bullying, physical and emotional abuse, healing from trauma, or living through it day-to-day in the forced labor camp that is the United States, ebb and flow throughout this EP, giving a new angle on what alternative rock can be, in an age where electric guitars look more and more like fossils of a bygone era.

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