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Urban Echoes is Luke Tangerine’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Strap in, music lovers, because Luke Tangerine’s “Urban Echoes” EP isn’t just an album; it’s a portal to another world.

Urban Echoes is Luke Tangerine’s Ep Out Now

This isn’t a collection of songs to passively listen to; it’s an invitation to fully immerse yourself, a sonic journey demanding multiple listens to unlock its intricate depths.

Buckle up for an experience meticulously crafted by an artist who cares about every sonic detail. The choice of sounds is exquisite.

The song structures defy convention, taking you on unexpected turns that keep you engaged and surprised. Close your eyes, and let the music paint vivid pictures.

Imagine soaring through a futuristic cityscape like Neom, a drone traversing the gleaming towers and desolate expanses of the desert.

Each track on “Urban Echoes” is an emotional microcosm, perfectly captured by the evocative titles. “Subway Romance” throws you into a crowded train, heart pounding as you steal glances at your crush across the aisle.

“Urban Echoes” places you in a quiet corner, observing the ebb and flow of humanity, each passerby carrying their own silent story. Tangerine’s storytelling ability can evoke such vivid emotions with pure sound.

If you’re looking for music that challenges your expectations, surprises your senses, and stays with you long after the last track fades, then you are in the right place. Dive into “Urban Echoes” and prepare to be transported.

Urban Echoes is Luke Tangerine’s Ep Out Now!


Luke Tangerine is a musical virtuoso and aural innovator. His musical odyssey began as a live performer, wielding the guitar as his instrument of choice in various bands and projects. He immersed himself in the sounds of funk, jazz-rock, and fusion, where he crafted his musical expressions through intricate melodies, harmonies, and rhythms.

He also delved into the captivating world of film scoring, where he acquired the skills to create music that amplifies the emotions and atmosphere of a story. Now, Luke Tangerine is embarking on a new chapter in his musical adventure, venturing into the mesmerizing realm of retrowave electronic music. Inspired by the neon-soaked nostalgia of the ’80s, the pioneers of electronic music such as Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk, he recreates the vibes with pulsating synthesizers, lush atmospheres, and infectious rhythms. His music is a sonic journey from dream to cosmos, where he explores different themes and emotions.

The choice of sounds was not random and provides a splendid listening experience. On one side, you explore elements of synth wave/rock a la Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran) from the era of “Seven and the ragged tiger”, on the other side, there is a hint of a dark synth wave atmosphere a la Depeche Mode, both elements are skillfully integrated and polished into an independent cinematic 80s wave track.

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