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Urban Foxes is The Occasional Orchestra’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Occasional Orchestra’s album “Urban Foxes” offers a refreshing homage to classic rock while infusing it with contemporary energy and passion.

Urban Foxes is The Occasional Orchestra’s Album Out Now

The band’s evident musical expertise and dedication shine through in every track, embodying the essence of genuine, emotion-filled music created by skilled musicians.

The absence of reliance on computers and beats in favor of real human connection and rehearsal room craftsmanship is commendable and contributes to the album’s authentic feel.

The result is a collection of songs that pulsate with life and resonate with listeners on a visceral level.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of rock, The Occasional Orchestra imbues their music with American vibes, delivering a sound that is both nostalgic and invigorating.

Tracks like “Fool Moon Over Sleeping Towns” is a great ballad, while “New Dark Age” is an intense and evocative tune.

Throughout “Urban Foxes,” the band demonstrates a mastery of chord progressions and songwriting, each composition meticulously crafted.

The production quality of the album is stellar, elevating the listening experience and showcasing the band’s attention to detail.

Overall, “Urban Foxes” is a solid testament to The Occasional Orchestra’s talent and creativity.

Urban Foxes is The Occasional Orchestra’s Album Out Now!


Urban Foxes is The Occasional Orchestra’s Album Out Now

In a live scene dominated by tribute bands, The Occasional Orchestra like to wear their influences a little more lightly. Though they are most typically listed under the label of indie/folk, they’re leaning more heavily on the indie these days. You may pick up traces of varied heroes such as the Kinks, Squeeze, Stephen Fretwell, Stornoway, Elvis Costello Talking Heads and many more. They were once described as ‘The Mumford and Sons you don’t want to punch’ by R&R magazine. Not that they’d condone punching anyone.

This band was built to last. They’ve recorded with top producers, shared stages with their heroes, been championed on the radio, crowdfunded a biscuit themed campaign to pay for their Urban Foxes album and toured the rural areas of the UK through Rural Touring. And they’re still bffs.

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