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Vain Regrets is The Cumberland River Project’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The new EP by The Cumberland River Project, “Vain Regrets,” shows the power of following your passions.

Vain Regrets is The Cumberland River Project’s Ep Out Now

 Frank Renfordt, the driving force behind the project, proves that heartfelt music can be crafted even amidst life’s obligations.

This musical effort showcases Renfordt’s raw talent, both vocally and lyrically.

Renfordt’s voice is rich, imbued with a depth that draws you into the songs’ emotional core.

It’s reminiscent of the Appalachian tradition, the birthplace of American folk music. Influences of Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp weave through Renfordt’s songwriting, evident in his storytelling and Americana soundscapes.

The EP offers a dynamic range. “In Line” is a foot-stomping anthem that gets you moving, while tracks like “House on The Cliffs” evoke a sense of nostalgia.

A standout is “Mr. Spaceman,” a hauntingly beautiful song with a driving drumbeat and an intriguing narrative that unfolds between the mysterious verses and the open, soaring chorus.

“Vain Regrets” is a compelling listen for anyone who appreciates genuine songwriting and heartfelt vocals. Renfordt’s passion for music shines through every track, making this EP a must-hear for fans of Americana and folk music.

Vain Regrets is The Cumberland River Project’s Ep Out Now!


Frank Renfordt began writing songs intuitively at the age of ten, when his parents gave him a guitar and he learned to play his first chords. As a teenager he plucked the bass in the local rock band RING (and he still does), but then the father of four prioritized his career and family for many years until he found more time for music and songwriting again in his mid-fifties.

Inspired by trips to the US, where he also made contacts with Nashville musicians and producers, he developed a soft spot for country and Americana music. He released two albums and various singles under the name “The Cumberland River Project” and found fans worldwide on streaming platforms, social media and radio stations. With his catchy “storytelling songs”, he reached the final of the renowned UK Songwriting Contest and received the “Outstanding Achievement in Songwriting” award at the Great American Song Contest.

His second album “A Smell Of Gravy” was named Best Country Album at the German Rock & Pop Awards. 
With his new EP ‘Vain Regrets’, he goes one step further; having mostly left the singing to others up to now, he now steps up to the microphone himself.

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