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Valkyrie is Solnedgang’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Solnedgang’s EP “Valkyrie” is an intriguing exploration of Norse mythology and the rugged landscapes of Norway.

Valkyrie is Solnedgang’s Ep Out Now

From the first notes, listeners are transported to a world where the cold winds of the North and the ancient spirits of the land blend in an intense musical universe.

The pagan approach to the music is evident throughout, mixing together elements of traditional folk melodies with a contemporary twist. It’s as if the very essence of Norway’s harsh yet beautiful terrain has been distilled into sound.

What stands out most is the pride and resilience permeating each track.

Just as the people of Norway have weathered the challenges of their environment, Solnedgang’s music reflects a deep-rooted strength and an unwavering connection to his cultural heritage.

The EP navigates between realms, blurring the lines between the tangible and the metaphysical. One can almost feel the ancient forests whispering secrets and the call of Odin echoing through the melodies.

But, between this grandeur and mysticism, lies a subtle undercurrent of darkness. Solnedgang is a composer who can evoke a sense of a haunting halo, drawing listeners deeper into the shadows with each passing note.

The diversity of influences showcased in “Valkyrie” adds depth and richness to the overall experience.

From the raw energy of rock to the ethereal atmospheres of more introspective tracks like “Lament” and “Niflhel,” there’s a dynamic range of emotions to be explored.

Production-wise, the EP is meticulously crafted. A great musical project indeed!

Valkyrie is Solnedgang’s Ep Out Now!


Valkyrie is Solnedgang’s Ep Out Now

Solnedgang is a Norwegian musician based in London, playing immersive, atmospheric and melodic instrumental rock drawing from a vast array of influences, most notably post-rock, post-metal, black metal and progressive rock/metal.

‘Valkyrie’ is inspired by Norse mythology, exploring different aspects of the afterlife. The immersive music transports the listener to other worlds inhabited by gods, spirits and monsters.

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