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Vargen’s Self Titled Album is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Vargen’s self-titled album shows the artist’s versatility and skillful songwriting.

Vargen’s Self Titled Album is Out Now

Having previously explored Vargen’s musical landscape, the latest album, with its centerpiece “A Midnight Dreary” inspired by Poe, further solidifies the artist’s standing as a multifaceted and skillful musician.

The album opens with “Mindy Morning,” a track that exudes a captivating blend of acoustic charm and rock energy.

The song, reminiscent of Dire Straits, has an infectious quality that evokes a desire to hit the road and wander aimlessly, basking in the sonic journey laid out by Vargen.

As the album unfolds, Vargen showcases his ability to traverse various musical universes. “Like a Bird Of Pray” and “Tar & Feathers” introduce a distinctly American vibe with intense ballads, conjuring up images of expansive landscapes and poignant stories.

Also, echoes of Nick Cave are discernible, adding depth and emotion to the overall experience.

“Toxicon” introduces a delightful shift in vibes, infusing a more ironic tone with its 70s-inspired sounds. The track showcases Vargen’s playful side, demonstrating that he can effortlessly weave different genres into his musical tapestry.

“Them Cats” takes a jazzy turn, with the guitar playfully meowing notes that add a touch of whimsy to the album.

A standout on the album is undoubtedly “The Bitch In Me.” The bluesy vibes, coupled with the irreverent title, create a captivating atmosphere. In some moments this tune reminded me of Make It Wit Chu by Queens of the Stone Age.

The guitar solo is fantastic, adding a layer of intensity to the composition. Vargen’s vocal performance, almost theatrical in nature, elevates the song to a level of artistry that is memorable.

With this album, Vargen proves once again that he is a fantastic artist, leaving listeners eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his musical journey.

Vargen‘s Self Titled Album is Out Now


Vargen’s Self Titled Album is Out Now

Vargen’s previous albums have firmly established his presence in the spotlight. His acclaimed renditions of Bob Dylan’s songs in both Swedish and English, along with his unique takes on the works of Swedish poet Dan Andersson, have garnered widespread recognition.
This time around Vargen takes a step away from interpretations and instead debuts with original songs on an eponymous album. An album which makes it clear that his ability to capture and convey emotions musically, whether joyful or melancholic, remains as sharp and powerful as ever.

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