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Vas Deferens is The Würmen’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Würmen’s EP, “Vas Deferens,” delivers a raw and direct sound that entertains with typical English irreverence and acidic energy.

Vas Deferens is The Würmen’s Ep Out Now

The band’s unique blend of influences creates a distinctly European flavor, although traces of Beastie Boys’ influence occasionally surface in the melody lines.

The overall production is fantastic, presenting a killer sound that has the power to awaken the wildest rock spirit within.

The irreverent and raw nature of The Würmen’s sound shows their dedication, evident in the impeccable performances of all band members.

It’s clear that these musicians have invested significant time in the rehearsal room, resulting in an enviable musical alchemy that permeates every aspect of their EP.

“Vas Deferens” is a wild ride from start to finish, featuring crazy riffs, powerful vocals, and a unique energy that sets The Würmen apart.

The EP’s solid composition ensures a cohesive and engaging experience for listeners, inviting them to immerse themselves in the wild musical landscape created by the band.

Highly recommended for anyone seeking a wild experience.

Vas Deferens is The Würmen’s Ep Out Now!

Passionate Interpretation!

Vas Deferens is The Würmen’s Ep Out Now

The Würmen are a three-piece punk band, energetically blending influences from different genres into fast-paced and chaotic songs.

The band started when Ben and I got together to make music one night in late August this year, where we wrote Ceiling Funny. Then we met up with Dave about a week later for a chat, practiced the following day and week, and were in a studio the week after recording two songs somehow. We rehearsed this in a wormery and wanted to include that in the name somehow, but struggled to find one we liked. During a trip to Berlin, somebody suggested The Wurmen, meaning the worms, and that was the first name we all agreed on, so we went with that.

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