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Vendetta Del Disco is Robert Vendetta’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Robert Vendetta returns with “Vendetta Del Disco,” and once again, his unique sound strikes a chord.

Vendetta Del Disco is Robert Vendetta’s Album Out Now

While influences like Queen and Bowie peek through, Vendetta’s signature style shines, weaving a sound that’s as usual innovative and fresh.

The album’s strength lies in its storytelling. Each song is a chapter in the protagonist’s journey, and we’re invited to ride along.

“Work,” a personal favorite, is like stepping into the protagonist’s head, mirroring the struggles of breaking free from routine.

Similar to Walter White, Vendetta’s character grapples with dissatisfaction and seeks a change. The album could indeed serve as a fitting soundtrack for that series, capturing the protagonist’s internal struggles and eventual transformation.

“Fool” stands out as a moment of introspective calm, the quiet before the storm. It captures that feeling of being in the eye of chaos, waiting for the next wave to hit.

“Vacation” marks a turning point, a break from the mundane and a step towards self-discovery. The album’s title track, “Vendetta Del Disco,” becomes a metaphor for finding your own personal haven, your own unique space to thrive.

The final tracks,  Here and Now, Breathe, and Set The World on Fire remind us to appreciate the present moment. It’s the culmination of the protagonist’s journey, a reminder to find joy and meaning in the “here and now” and by following our own legend like the Alchemist did in Coelho’s book.

Vendetta Del Disco is Robert Vendetta’s Album Out Now!


Vendetta Del Disco is Robert Vendetta’s Album Out Now

The concept of the album is a story about someone who gets lost in work, trying to please his boss – the main man. He loses his friends, has no time for hobbies and ends up at the shrink. Suddenly his boss gives him a vacation and he ends up at Vendetta Del Disco where he learns to enjoy life through dancing. He also discovers how important the small things in life are and starts a new, ready to set the world on fire!


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