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Video Club is Comett’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Comett’s EP “Video Club” showcases the artist’s unique and captivating musical vision.

Video Club is Comett’s Ep Out Now

The music exudes a distinct 80s vibe that immediately evokes the sounds of iconic artists like Pet Shop Boys and Jimmy Somerville.

Comett’s ability to channel the essence of that era while infusing his own creativity is a testament to his artistic talent.

The music within the EP is atmospheric and intense, transporting the listener to a parallel universe of sound and emotion.

The depth of the lyrics is striking, reflecting the refined artistic taste of Comett. It’s evident that every artistic decision is made meticulously, and this attention to detail results in music that is not only captivating but also thought-provoking.

Comett’s careful curation of sound is evident throughout the EP, with each track showcasing a meticulous approach to composition and production.

The nostalgic vibes that permeate “Video Club” have the power to speak directly to the heart and soul of the listener.

Comett has a rare ability to connect with the audience through his music, tapping into shared emotions and experiences that make his work relatable and deeply moving.

Comett is unquestionably an artist to watch. He has consistently produced high-quality music that not only reflects his unique artistic vision but also pays homage to the sounds of the past.

Video Club is Comett’s Ep Out Now!

Intense Sound!

Comett is an alternative pop music project founded in 2005 by multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Canale Parola, who, after living successively in London and Dublin, is now based in Montmartre. He has 5 albums to his credit, and several million listens on the platforms, thanks in particular to his track “Love is what you make it”.

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