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Vivid Eyes Is Patient Lounge’s New Single Out Now!

Good Day Noir Family,
Patient Lounge are back with a really cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

I am already a fan of this band so expect a positive review this time too.

Their new single Vivid Eyes is fantastic and once again it has everything I look for in a rock song.

A beautiful, irreverent, confident and direct voice accompanied by powerful music flawlessly performed by the band.

The chord progression as usual never ceases to amaze with absolutely brilliant rhythmic and harmonic changes.

This band should already be in the Olympus of rock, they should already be highly regarded around the world.

I begin to think that the world is deaf or rather the gatekeepers are asleep and continue to offer us boring music when instead there are fantastic bands like Patient Lounge.

Let’s support them!

Vivid Eyes is Patient Lounge’s Single Out Now!

Just Fantastic!


‘Vivid Eyes’ is Patient Lounge’s heaviest track yet, with stadium-sized riffs, pulsing grooves, rumbling low-end, a chorus that soars and a crushing crescendo, showing off the bands musicality and incredible song writing chops. Never one to shy away from their own musical evolution, Patient Lounge truly come into their own with this new track, bringing their trademark authenticity into the recording process.

Amongst the oceanic swell of heavy guitars, shredding leads and machine gun fire drums, singer Zach Eather defiantly chants a call to arms, “They say you better march to the beat, never step out of line, but I’ll stand on two feet and I’ll play out of time… But a leash makes me bite, it’s a constant remind, they’ll fuck with your dreams, just open your eyes,” giving the listener a wake-up call to live their own lives, without exception.

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