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Vlad is Kelsie Kimberlin’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kelsie Kimberlin’s single “Vlad” serves as a powerful and unapologetic vehicle for conveying deep messages, particularly condemning the war in Ukraine and criticizing the actions of powerful entities shaping the future of people with sinister plans.

Vlad is Kelsie Kimberlin’s Single Out Now

The artist utilizes her music as a platform to spread awareness and spark contemplation, and “Vlad” stands out as a sequence of clever and profound words that refuse to leave the listener indifferent.

The song navigates between genres, leaning towards rap in the verses and embracing alternative rock vibes in the choruses—an unmistakable hallmark of Kelsie Kimberlin’s unique sound.

This genre fusion enhances the dynamic nature of the track, making it a unique sonic journey.

The intensity of the song extends to its visual representation, evident in the music video where Kelsie Kimberlin passionately performs amidst the ruins left by war.

This visual narrative adds a poignant layer to the already powerful message, emphasizing the real-world impact of the issues addressed in the lyrics.

Kelsie Kimberlin is fearless, and unwavering in her commitment to delivering a message that transcends compromise.

Vlad is Kelsie Kimberlin’s Single Out Now!


Vlad is Kelsie Kimberlin’s Single Out Now

Kelsie Kimberlin is a popular American-Ukrainian singer whose songs and videos have gotten tens of millions of views, plays, streams, and radio plays. Her latest three songs about Ukraine have gone viral so she decided to release Vlad after it was previewed on a UK radio station and got a strong audience response. She is using her music and platform to support Ukraine

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