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VOYAGER-X is Janus Face’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
VOYAGER-X’s single “Janus Face” is a captivating journey into a retro musical realm, showcasing the band’s impressive skills in composition and a keen artistic vision.

VOYAGER-X is Janus Face’s Single Out Now

The band’s evident musical knowledge and developed artistic perspective shine through, creating a sound that pays homage to the 80s while maintaining a modern intrigue.

One of the standout features is the well-crafted chord progression.

The dynamics within the composition are executed with precision, creating a musical ebb and flow that keeps the listener engaged from start to finish.

The retro vibes embedded in JVOYAGER-X’s sound add a layer of intrigue, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that resonates with fans of 80s music.

The band successfully captures the essence of that era while infusing their own contemporary twist, demonstrating a balance between homage and innovation.

The vocalist’s ability to reach heavenly heights adds a distinct and ethereal quality to the track. The vocal performance becomes a compelling element that enhances the overall sonic experience, adding emotion and depth to the lyrics.

A highlight of “Janus Face” is the fantastic guitar solo, which not only showcases technical prowess but also contributes to the song’s overall emotive impact.

The solo serves as a musical climax, elevating the track and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

 The band’s attention to detail, and dynamic execution make this single a noteworthy addition to their discography, leaving audiences eager for more.

VOYAGER-X is Janus Face’s Single Out Now!


VOYAGER-X is Janus Face’s Single Out Now

VOYAGER-X travel back to the future with their brilliant Melodic Rock album “Magic” VOYAGER-X ignite a magical mixture of Progressive Metal, Melodic and Hard Rock on their album “Magic”, due out on 03/22/2024, via Dr. Music Records. Listening to the nine songs, the listener literally floats away to times when musical virtuosity and vocal art still harmonized perfectly, and bands such as Van Halen, Survivor, Marillion or Saga dominated the charts.

Actually, the album “Magic” was supposed to have been released in 1997, but shortly after the recording of the songs in Deckelmann Studio in Zirndorf, Germany, the musicians decided to put their band, then still called VOYAGER, on ice due to their life circumstances at that time, taking them all around the globe. The group then awoke from this deep slumber just after the original line-up consisting of singer Mario Gansen, guitarist Stephan Baumgärtner, bassist Jörg Schreiber, keyboardist Christian Mordek and drummer Peter Webert met during an event in 2019, and the idea came up to continue what ended so abruptly 22 years earlier after an exciting decade of intensely lived Rock ’n’ Roll Lifestyle.

Due to other bands using the name in the meantime, the band was renamed to VOYAGER-X. Friends of great Melodic Rock in the style of Queensrÿche, Fates Warning or Savatage can now look forward to the release of the extraordinary album “Magic”, which was also remastered by Romin Katzer. More info: www.voyager-x.de

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