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Walking in the Dark & Night Out is Barricane’s Double Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Barricane’s double single, “Walking in the Dark & Night Out,” showcases a visionary compositional approach that blends elements of the past with futuristic sounds, resulting in an enthralling musical experience.

Walking in the Dark & Night Out is Barricane’s Double Single Out Now

“Walking in the Dark” immediately draws listeners in with its haunting melody, it is like a darker version of a Beatles’ tune.

The interplay between the two vocalists adds depth and an enchanting quality, evoking imagery of mystical sirens luring listeners into their spellbinding world.

The choice of sound, particularly the modern pads intertwined with nostalgic 70s melodies, creates a charming musical limbo that is intriguing and intense.

“Night Out” continues the journey with a gripping guitar arpeggio that sets the stage for a mesmerizing vocal performance.

The song’s intense atmosphere delves into the depths of emotion, resonating with the listener’s innermost sentiments.

The sound design amplifies the song’s crepuscular nature, reaching into the darkest corners of the soul and leaving an indelible impression.

Barricane’s music transcends conventional boundaries, offering a glimpse into a realm where past and future converge in harmony.

 “Walking in the Dark & Night Out” shows Barricane’s talent and skills, cementing their status as a band to follow in the contemporary music scene.

Walking in the Dark & Night Out is Barricane’s Double Single Out Now!


Oxford’s Barricane, described as modern folk with a femme fatale twist, is fronted by singer songwriters Rosy and Emily. Their often-haunting harmonic acrobatic vocals are the pivotal point around their often climactic, atmospheric stormy, energetic songs. Described by Nightshift Magazine as ‘Oxford’s best folk band’, they released their debut album ‘The Sky and Us’ during lockdown and followed it up in spring 2023 with their single ‘Saltwater’. Now they just released a double single, Walking in the Dark and Night Out.

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