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Wall Street is Black Creek Reign’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Toronto’s Black Creek Reign isn’t just a band, they’re musical architects.

Wall Street is Black Creek Reign’s Single Out Now

Their latest single, “Wall Street,” is a genre-bending tune that blends infectious grooves with a potent message.

The song is a vibrant blend of influences. The foundation is undeniably Jamaican, with a steady skank beat that’ll have you moving.

But Black Creek Reign doesn’t stop there. They weave in threads of alternative rock and pop, creating a sound that’s fresh, familiar.

One listen and it’s clear these are seasoned musicians. The band plays with a tight cohesion, a palpable “alchemy”. The vocals are passionate and engaging, perfectly riding the rhythmic tide that keeps you wanting more.

But the true brilliance of “Wall Street” explodes around the 2:30 mark. The song takes a sharp turn, launching into a searing rock guitar solo.

This unexpected shift perfectly embodies the band’s kaleidoscopic nature. The solo is followed by an ethereal bridge, leaving you feeling like you’re floating in space before the song explodes into a triumphant finale.

This is a band that deserves to be heard. “Wall Street” is a powerful anthem with a groove that won’t quit. It’s a great find, and one you’ll definitely want to add to your playlist.

Wall Street is Black Creek Reign’s Single Out Now!


Wall Street is Black Creek Reign’s Single Out Now

Toronto based Reggae-Rock band Black Creek Reign have been active on the Toronto music circuit for around 8 years now, getting their start at NXNE 2016. They blend conscious lyrics, gritty power chords, authentic island sounds, and strong songwriting for an accessible, but unique soundscape. Inspired by the vulnerability and prowess of industry juggernauts like John Mayer, Maroon 5, and Bob Marley, they strive to lend their voice to the never ending conversation of the human condition, and speak out for those who don’t feel like they’re heard.

Comprised of members from both Canada and the Caribbean, BCR is a genre-blending act that’s been slowly, but surely making a name for themselves. Most recently, they have been selected to participate in Canadian Music Week for 2023, and have plans to get back out on the road, as well as release music consistently throughout 2024.

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