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Walls is Hangtime’s Ep | Indie Music

Good Day Noir Family,
Hangtime is back with a new Ep “Walls”. Are you ready for this incredible journey?

Walls is Hangtime’s Ep | Indie Music

I really like the dark industrial feel of these songs.

While listening to Walls I imagined myself dancing at a rave party in a Berlin tunnel.

This music manages to take possession of your nervous system which starts to send electrical impulses to the whole body which begins to move on the groove.

This music is hypnotic and magical and Hangtime seems like the guru leading the crowd to the promised land.

His sound includes an ancestral code that manages to open unknown doors of your unconscious. Emotions hit you like salt on living flesh.

The musical experience that Hangtime gives us is always unbelievable. His ability to make different genres coexist in a single musical product is truly intriguing.

Hit the play button, it’s worth it.

Walls is Hangtime’s Ep Out Now!

Vibrant and Hypnotic!

Walls is Hangtime’s Ep | Indie Music

hangtime is an artist who managed to concoct a winning sonic formula by allowing different styles to come together. There is no point in getting stuck with only an album & creative perspective; hangtime takes this lesson to heart.  These different styles might seem quite different from one another, but at the same time, it is quite amazing to understand that there is also a common ground between them, and hangtime’s music actually captures it to absolute perfection.

Each track feels technically diverse, showcasing daring production ideas and unusual sounds. More importantly, the emotion in the vocal delivery is palpable, allowing so much instinct and passion to come through.


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