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Wandering Degenerate is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
There’s a certain magic that happens when an artist perfectly blends mainstream appeal with innovative touches.

Wandering Degenerate is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

 Joshua Pearlstein achieves this effortlessly on his new single, “Wandering Degenerate.”

From the opening keys, it’s clear that meticulous attention has been paid to detail. The production is crisp and polished, showcasing Pearlstein’s keen understanding of what makes a song pop.

“Wandering Degenerate” is more than just a catchy tune. The vocal delivery is a breath of fresh air, with a touch of reverb and other effects that add a layer of intrigue without overwhelming the melody.

The song’s brilliance lies in its songwriting. The chord progression is expertly crafted, with dynamic shifts that create moments of intensity and space for the music to breathe.

It’s a modern pop song with a foot firmly planted in the past, brimming with nostalgic vibes. The infectious groove and the unforgettable melody linger long after the last note fades, making “Wandering Degenerate” a song that will stay with you.

This is a strong showing from Pearlstein, and “Wandering Degenerate” is a must-add for any playlist.

Wandering Degenerate is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now!


Wandering Degenerate is Joshua Pearlstein’s Single Out Now

Joshua Pearlstein, the artist who merges classic pop and disco drama. He is a rising creative from Atlanta, GA, currently living in Boston, MA, writing songs that are as innovative as they are catchy.
A prolific musician with a flair for the songwriting process, Joshua discovered his perfect pitch early in life and quickly started music lessons. Falling in love with the greats like Michael Jackson and Prince, he knew exactly where his songs needed to land
creatively, relying on his instinct for melody and rhythm to guide the process.

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