Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Was It Real Or In My Mind? is Shae Brock's Ep Out Now
Was It Real Or In My Mind? is Shae Brock’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Shae Brock is back with a new cool Ep and I want to share my thoughts about it.

This great artist is constantly evolving and every time I see her progress I am amazed.

Her songs improve from time to time and this Ep which also includes songs we had already listened to before has new gems that intrigued me a lot.

‘Cosmic’ literally made me fly while Dazey made me imagine being by the sea at sunset sipping a cocktail.
Sexy music that smells of summer but that hides really fascinating nostalgic vibes.

This girl manages to interpret the words of the lyrics with such passion and she is able to reach the soul and heart of the listener.

My finger is again on the repeat key and I’m ready to enjoy this nice Ep one more time.

Was It Real Or In My Mind? is Shae Brock’s Ep Out Now!

Unique and Dreamy!


Quote: “My favorite part is the moment right before the kiss. The burning genesis of it all. Does it lead to a strange familiar memory you never had? Could it have all happened already? Guess we’ve always met. Have you ever had a dream that felt so real you can’t remember if it was real life or just in your mind? I had a dream we never met.. and what if we didn’t? What if that someone who changed your life didn’t exist in your reality? Yet you know everything about them but have no way to contact them? And what happens to the love, does it transform? And that face in my dream that melts away, I can’t recall, it’s blur. Was it real, or in my mind?”

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